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Car Seat Safety Tip - H Harness

Additional harnesses (also known as h-harness and sometimes branded as a Protecta Harness) are no longer recommended unless the ONLY seating position available in your car has a 2 point lap only seat belt.

The H harnesses, when used correctly, offers no additional protection over a 3 point lap and sash seat belt, and the rate of unintentional misuse is extremely high.

It is recommended that you consider having a lap only belt replaced with a lap and sash before you consider using an add-on harness. If a h harness must be used, it should only be used with a booster seat that has an anti-submarine clip attached.

You must check the harness each and every time you use it and make th necessary adjustments to ensure the H harness is fitted correctly. When the H-harnesses is used incorrectly it can cause serious internal injuries, and come with a higher risk of head and neck injury than a standard 3 point lap and sash seatbelt

Additionally it should be noted that NO crash test is performed using a H harness, Yet all crash tests are performed using the lap and sash seat belts. Lastly the G type seat means you can keep your child internally harnessed to and average age of 8 years of age.

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