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Car Seat Safety - Booster Cushions

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It is recommended that children stay in an internal harness as long as possible, unfortunately many parents move their children into a booster seat, at four years of age.

This causes a number of problems especially if the children are below average height, meaning the sash part of the seat belt may be too close to the neck

This is why the G type child restraint was introduced into the Australian Standards; meaning that you can now keep your child internally harnessed until 8 years of age.

Backless booster cushions also called bum boosters are no longer manufactured as they offer no side impact protection, unfortunately it is still possible to purchase these booster cushions online as they have not yet been made illegal. Likewise a H harness should not be used unless there is only a Lap Belt

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In the UK Parents of 4-12 year olds are being urged to "Bin the Booster" cushion before heading off on their summer holidays, amid safety concerns in the event of an accident.

In the footage, the dummy on the booster cushion can be seen hitting its head on the side of the car as it slips free of the upper part of the three-point seatbelt. In comparison, the dummy in the highback seat stays more upright, contained by the seat's side supports and upper belt guide

The video vividly demonstrates the importance of deep protective side wings, support for the child's head and seat belt guides that ensure that seat belts are correctly positioned and fitted.

"This footage really drives home the dangers of booster cushions. When using them, parents are trying to protect their children by lifting them up to ensure a better fit of seat belt, not realising that their child is still in significant danger in an impact.